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Situs resmi:

Ditemukan pada: 2008

Peraturan: FCA, CySEC, ASIC, MAS

Min. Setoran: $100

Markas Besar: Israel

Leverage: 1:30 - EU/UK/ 1:300 - AU

Regulation: FCA, CySEC, ASIC, MAS


Today, Plus500 is one of the top providers of CFDs or Contracts for Difference. These instruments allow clients to profit from a wide range of underlying assets without owning them. The broad choice, attractive leverage, and advanced technical solutions make this regulated brand stand out. Discover key advantages of trading via this broker today.

Plus500 Office

Geography and Regulation of Plus500

Plus500 is a trademark of Plus500 Ltd. The brand is a rapidly growing provider of CFD trading on the territory of Europe and Asia. At the moment, its portfolio includes 1,000+ instruments. The number of registered accounts exceeds 1 million.

The broker boasts a physical presence in several countries. The heart of the organization has a number of subsidiaries. Each is licensed in its respective jurisdiction. 

  • Plus500AU Pty Ltd is an Authorized Financial Services Provider in South Africa.
  • Plus500UK Ltd is authorized and regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom.
  • Plus500CY Ltd is authorized and regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus.
  • Plus500SEY Ltd is authorized and regulated by the FSA in Seychelles.
  • Plus500SG Pte Ltd is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

As a regulated broker, Plus500 complies with all industry standards in terms of protection of clients’ funds. First, their deposits are kept separate from the corporate funds. Secondly, negative balance protection means they will never lose more than their balance. As CFDs are highly leveraged, this keeps risks in check.

How Does Plus500 Work?

The broker gives access to a broad range of markets and instruments. This enables clients to diversify their exposure and keep losses under control. So, how does Plus500 work exactly?

Clients may open an account online and use cutting-edge platforms for market access. The minimum deposit for any instrument is only 100 Euros (for a Standard account). Training via a demo account is always free and unlimited, which is the norm for all respectable brokers. Here is what Plus500 offers today.

1. Cryptocurrency CFDs 

All crypto coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto 10 Index, Litecoin, NEO, Ripple, and many more) are traded with leverage. This ratio reaches 1:30. 

plus500 crypto coins trading

2. CFDs on Indices

The range includes some of the most popular equity indices from North America, Europe, and Asia. Clients may trade CFDs on USA 500, US-TECH 100, Hong Kong 50, Germany 30, and France 40 with leverage up to 1:300.

3. Forex CFDs

The broker provides over 60 FX pairs, all leveraged. The most liquid choices like EUR/USD and GBP/USD are a tap away. Using progressive trading technology, clients can make profitable decisions and limit their risks. Leverage reaches 1:300. 

Advanced features like Stop Loss, Guaranteed Stop, and Stop Limit are used to secure desired profit levels. Clients also receive free access to live quotes and a wide range of indicators. 

4. CFDs on Commodities

The company has CFDs on a wide range of popular commodities like Gold, Oil, and Silver in its offerings. You may also trade heating oil, copper, palladium, corn, and more. Leverage reaches 1:150. 

Clients have access to different stock markets, both American and European. Spreads are tight, and leverage reaches a spectacular 1:300. The company’s sophisticated trading tools allow easy control of profits and risks. Stocks of the largest corporations like Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple are at your fingertips. Both bullish and bearish markets may be capitalized on.

6. CFDs on Options

The broker offers call and put options on indices, commodities, and stocks. Flexible CFD-based schemes have up to 1:5 leverage.

7. CFDs on ETFs

Finally, clients may trade popular Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). All products (including SPDRUSA500, VXX Volatility, and many more) are leveraged (up to 1:100). Limit orders and stops allow clients to take only carefully calculated risks.

Plus500 Login: Accounts and Technology

In order to access the market, clients use the company’s proprietary multi-asset trading platform. It works with a demo or a live plus500 login. Both types are registered online. The second option requires identity verification and a deposit. It comes in two formats.

1. Retail Account 

This is the standard choice available worldwide. It opens access to the following instruments: 

  • 70+ FX pairs;
  • 14 cryptocurrencies;
  • market indices;
  • commodities;
  • options;
  • ETFs.

Leverage may reach 1:300 depending on the instrument. In the EU, it is limited to 1:30, and Singapore-based traders get 1:50. No fees apply. Unlike most competitors, the brand provides 4 different types of stop orders. 

2. Professional Account

This type is accessible to clients with high volumes over the past 12 months. The minimum deposit is 500,000 Euros. The accounts are only opened for traders based in the EU and the UK. Leverage reaches 1:300. It is possible to downgrade to a retail account at any time.

Clients of Plus500 use the company’s proprietary technical solutions. The multi-asset terminal may be used as a desktop or a mobile system. The app is one of the highest-rated ones in its category in both Google Play and App Store. The broker prides itself on its strong ties to major banks around the world, which allows it to provide high volumes, attractive prices, and excellent execution. 

Customer Support

The website does not include a Plus 500 contact number as the broker prefers to communicate with clients by email. They may fill in a special form in the “Contact Us” section of the site. The reply will be emailed to the address they specify.

plus500 Customer Support

Conclusion of Plus500 Review

This broker is a global CFD trading provider. Clients access a rich selection of markets, from currencies to ETFs. The software allows the creation and management of diversified portfolios. As a responsible broker, Plus500 informs clients of all risks of CFD trading.

Plus500 is a regulated broker licensed by several regulators, including the FCA. This means all accounts provide negative balance protection. In addition, there are four types of limit orders. As CFDs are always leveraged, these features are crucial. They allow clients to keep risks under control. The only inconvenience is the absence of a hotline number.

Kesimpulan Tabel Ringkasan

Kantor pusat:



Platform Plus500


Beberapa rangkaian produk CFD terbesar termasuk Cryptocurrency

EUR / USD Spread: 

0,6 pip

Akun Demo: 


Setoran minimum: 

$ 100

Mata uang dasar: 

10 mata uang dasar ditawarkan


Rangkaian materi pendidikan yang agak terbatas dan tidak ada kursus perdagangan secara umum atau webinar langsung.

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