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Binarium bonus 100%


Bonus from Binarium (bonus coupon)

Almost all binary options brokers provide their clients with bonuses. On the one hand, the Binarium bonus program is a powerful argument when choosing a broker and it often attracts new traders who find it difficult to choose a broker. On the other hand, some clients call these promotions a complete “Fraud” because of this, such gifts cause traders to have a lot of opposite opinions.

Some traders are happy with the bonus program, while others are against it. In this article, we will not look for the pros and cons of bonuses offered by various companies but will consider only the most profitable bonuses offered to their users by the Binarium broker. This award really helps traders in binary options trading and brings regular income: bonuses for each Deposit, as well as a special bonus coupon from the broker for users who visited our site!

binarium bonus

Profitable bonuses from importantly, the company

Binary options broker, Binarium gratefully welcomes any new customer and gets a free welcome bonus when you first Deposit. It amounts to a maximum of 100% of the size of the account. This gift from the company is considered a classic. What does he bring to the new guy? Naturally, there is an increase in the trading balance, which a binary trader can dispose of at his discretion and at the same time make more financial transactions. Also, this bonus will help to reduce the risk of loss of start-up capital and at the same time increase profits at times. Classic programs are known to almost everyone, it is better to get acquainted with the creative, own proposals from a binary broker.

Receive bonuses for each replenishment of the balance

Such offers will be of interest to any client. If a trader has thoroughly studied all the nuances of trading and has his own strategies and experience in financial transactions, then it’s time to expand the range of trading. But, unfortunately, there is often not enough money for this. If the trader does not have enough money to make a large Deposit but wants to increase his balance on the platform at this moment the broker will offer his client the necessary assistance in the form of a bonus Binarium.

The balance amount after depositing the account will be increased immediately after the trader deposits it. The more money he puts on Deposit, the bigger the bonus will be. Do not forget that to withdraw bonus funds, you need to have a certain trading turnover. And if the trader’s trade turnover increases, then the bonus funds are converted into a real amount.

How to add bonus?

get bonus

Binarium broker has provided a special bonus coupon for the first Deposit especially for visitors of our site. Your Deposit will be doubled! The bonus code is valid for a Deposit of up to $ 500.

New promo codes are available for traders:

ROCK150 +150% on the FTD from 25 US$/€, 1500₹, 350000 Rp

ROCK100 +100% for the RD from 100 US$/€, 6000₹,1400000 Rp

ROCK80 +80% for the RD from 30 US$/€, 2000₹,425000 Rp

All of them are valid till 07.12.2021


Also on this page, we will periodically add new binarium bonus codes. Watch for updates.

In order to use bonuses on the Binarium platform, you need to log in to the platform. After that, you can make a Deposit using bonus codes. You can also use these promotional codes in the application for Android and iOS

Thus, summing up all of the above, we can only be surprised that a variety of bonuses sometimes cause such conflicting opinions among traders. If you work with Binarium bonus, you can be sure that your deposit and your bonus will be safe.

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