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If you are new to this platform, we recommend you read our in-depth review before you register for Olymp Trade.

The main domain of the Olymp Trade platform is blocked for residents of Indonesia. Use the button above to register.

To create an account on the platform, click on the corresponding buttons at the top of this web page. The system will ask you to enter your email and create a complex password.

Next, confirm your email by following the link in the message from Olymp Trade. Your account for demo trading will be activated.

Instead of going to the company’s registration page, you can use the form below. This option is especially convenient for smartphone users. Note that the Olymp Trade broker also offers apps for Android and iOS.

Registration form without going to Olymp Trade website

Method of registration on the platform website:

Olymp Trade registration form on site
alternative methods of registration

You can use alternative methods of registration and authorization on the trading platform. To do this, you can use a Facebook account, Google, and Apple ID.

Registration on the platform for residents of Indonesia

For residents of Indonesia registration on the main domain olymptrade.com is not available. This domain is blocked throughout the country. If you still decide to trade on the platform, use this domain www.id-olymptrade.com

You can also use the button at the top of the page to go to the platform. These buttons will automatically redirect you to the desired page.

Olymp Trade after login platform

Short information about the broker

Olymp Trade is a licensed broker operating worldwide. It has been in business since 2014. The company offers competitive payouts of up to 90%. Users can set up accounts in one of the two base currencies for their accounts — US dollar and euro. This decision is made during registration in Olymp Trade and may not be altered afterward. Thus, choose a preferable base currency before signing up.

The lowest acceptable deposit is $10. This modest requirement is suitable even for newbies with limited capital. What’s more, $10 is the lowest requirement for trading platforms in the area.

Beginners can register a demo account to practice without risk. Note the following:

  • To access a demo account, you must register on the trading platform.
  • The account comes with a virtual deposit of 10,000. This amount allows you to explore the platform and test its features.
  • Demo Olymp Trade registration gives a unique opportunity to test new strategies without risk.
  • Even seasoned traders are advised to use demo accounts for strategy tests.

The comprehensive features of the Olymp Trade trading platform prove that the broker is well-positioned to serve all users, including complete beginners.

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This post is also available in: Indonesia Português العربية

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