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 Facebook —  is the largest social network in the world and the company of the same name (Facebook Inc.) that owns it. It was founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates while studying at Harvard University-Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskowitz and Chris Hughes. You can view the price chart for Facebook Shares on our website.

In an effort to support its business model and increase the total number of users, the developer opened the possibility of connecting ads and bought startups such as the social network for sharing photos Instagram and instant messaging service WhatsApp. Since then, Facebook shares have become one of the most traded on the Forex market.

Facebook is a member of the big four (GAFA), and ten days after the IPO, the company’s shares began to fall. In September 2011, the price of Facebook shares reached the lowest level.

However, the company managed to survive this difficult period thanks to the successful monetization of the business model with the help of advertising targeting, and it finally gained popularity among investors.

Facebook stock price on the stock exchange – Live Chart online

To find out how much Facebook chart shares are worth, use this graph, which shows the real and current price of Facebook shares on the stock exchange.

This online chart of the Facebook stock price can be fully configured:

  • Specify the timeframe (the period when the price of Facebook shares is displayed);
  • Connect technical analysis indicators;
  • Set up a price line (for example, set Japanese candlesticks, and other types).

The attractiveness of the shares of this American Issuer is due to the presence of good financial indicators, which is due to the significant volumes of revenue and profit generated by advertising various products and services to many Internet users. You can view the price chart for Facebook shares below as well as other charts such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, BTC/USD.

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