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The updated robot from Olymp Tool developers has reached a new level. The profitability of the robot is over 70%. A robot is a unique tool for trading automation on the Olymp Trade trading platform. A fully automated program for Olymp Trade is a more complex version of the same robot. Unlike the previous version, such bots do not just monitor the situation, but open contracts themselves, make decisions: how much, for how long, for a decrease or increase to conclude a deal, and so on. In fact, the program trades instead of the trader, leaving him the opportunity to only withdraw money from the Deposit. Or top it up, if the program played correctly.

Robots for trading on Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade robot

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Open account    and     Download plugin

Below, we will provide detailed instructions for installing and configuring a trading robot. The whole procedure will take only a couple of minutes. And so let’s get started.

Activation is necessary to achieve full functionality and consists of 2 steps.

Step 1. Olymp Trade account registration. To activate the robot, you need to register an account Olymp Trade.

Step 2. Make a deposit of $100 or more. The deposit amount is determined by the strategy used by the robot (a reserve is needed to cover in case of a failed transaction).

Step 3. Download plugin

configure the Olymp Trade bot

Olymp Trade bot for Auto Trading

Initial amount – the trade amount at which the robot will begin to trade each lap.
✔ The recommended value is 1 ($/€)

Time (min) – the each trade period.
✔ The recommended value is 1($/€)

Trading asset – the asset from which the robot starts trading.
✔ The recommended asset is the one with a stable winning percentage (>70%).

Auto-selection of asset
✔ It is recommended to enable this feature so that if the winning percentage falls, the robot switches to a more profitable asset.

Trading strategies

#1 win every round (optimal)
The robot wins with the first bet, and in case the first bet loses, the next ones are calculated so that in the end you get a deposit equal to the one before the first bet plus % of the starting bet.
✔ The strategy recommended for a balance of between $100 and $1000.

#2 win every bet (aggressive)
According to this strategy, the robot will calculate the rates so that on average every minute you will receive a % of the initial trade assets. This is the most profitable strategy, but at the same time, it is riskier, because it takes a lot of time and requires a large deposit.
✔ The strategy is recommended for a balance of $1000.

Use OTA signals (OlympRobot Analytics)
The OTA algorithm determines the trend direction based on the analysis of 12 moving averages and 8 technical indicators.
✔ This setting increases the accuracy of rates by an average of 7%.
➕ The trading is available only after activation.

Stop filters

Min winning % – the winning percentage, below which the robot will stop trading.
✔ It\’s recommended setting the value to 60.

Max balance – the amount of balance, after which the robot will stop its work
✔ It’s not recommended to limit this item to get the maximum income.
➕ The trading is available only after activation.

Trading using the bot does not guarantee 100% profit. Be careful and watch the actions of the bot.

General information

Olymp Trade bot is not directly related to the Olymp Trade platform and is created by a team of independent developers.
The tool has passed long tests and is fully ready to work with the Olymp Trade trading platform. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trade with the robot on a real account or receive signals if I already have an OlympTrade account?

You can try the robot on any account, but only on the demo account. In order for the robot to trade on a real account and receive signals, you need to activate Olymp Trade bot:

  • Register an account through our form on this site.
  • Make a deposit of $ 100 or more.
  • Download and configure the plugin

The amount of the deposit is determined by the strategy used by the robot (a reserve is needed to cover in case of a failed transaction).

The service is free, so what’s your benefit?

The tool was created for personal use and to this day we ourselves actively use it. After registering this site, the broker provides us with 1% of the acquitted transactions. You do not lose anything. These are the planned expenses of the platform for promotion.

Can Olymp Trade block my account for using the service?

According to the rules of Olymp Trade, you cannot use external components for trading. Olymp Trade bot programmatically fully simulates the actions of a real user, and it is impossible to track its use. To date, there has not been a single case of account blocking associated with the use of the service.

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This post is also available in: Indonesia Português العربية

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  • hello i would like to know which setup is the best for using this bot, from the minimum balance needed to the strategy, and which indicator to use and all possible tips please

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