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Olymp Trade is an international broker and online trading platform. This is an actively developing financial company that has been operating since 2014. The broker works with clients from many countries but why does Olymp Trade not work with clients from the USA? The page Olymp Trade USA will help you understand Let’s get this straight…

Just need to clarify, us residents can register on the Olymp Trade platform using the VPN. Also, you can trade on a demo account through the IP change, but when you top up your balance, you may have problems, you will not be able to make a Deposit or the payment will be blocked. If you still manage to make a Deposit, then you will be declassified during account verification and document verification.

According to Google queries, the broker OlympTrade is known in the United States and traders are interested in the possibility of registering on the platform. Despite the fact that the broker works with many countries, there is a list of countries that the broker does not work with. Here is a list of countries: Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, UK, Europe (all countries), Israel.

There are also countries with which the broker can work, such as Singapore or Indonesia, where traders can Deposit, trade, and withdraw profits. But the authorities of this country constantly block access to the main domain of the broker and for trading, you have to use the mirror of the main site or an application for trading.

Olymp Trade banned in USA

Olymp Trade for U.S. residents

So why is it so difficult for US residents to register on the platform or trade from it? It’s all about regulation….there are special requirements for brokers who want to work with traders from this country. There are many of them, but in short, you need to have a special license and many offices in the United States.

The company must also be registered in the United States and as we wrote above Olymp Trade is registered in Seychelles. That’s why it would be illegal to accept clients. That’s the answer. If you want to trade on the Forex market then you need to choose brokers that have local regulations. You can view Forex brokers on this page.

In conclusion, I can tell the residents of the United States that I do not advise you to bypass the system. Olymp Trade security service will block your account sooner or later. All that you have time to earn will be reset to zero.


Is Olymp Trade legal in the US?

Olymp Trade does not officially support or solicit clients from the United States. Many customers come from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Despite this, the company is still reputable. It’s one of the market leaders with headquarters in Seychelles. 

How to log in from the USA?

Is there any way to login into Olymp Trade in the US? Yes. The company doesn’t block IPS originating from the US. However, Olymp Trade doesn’t allow US traders to make trades because of legal implications.

Can I use VPN servers or VPS services? No. The platform still blocks such accounts after establishing ownership through an ID check. Check out the comprehensive guide to getting started on the platform.

Why choose Olymp Trade?

The platform has heavily invested in providing a 5-star experience for its users. Some highlights of the service include a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, diverse trading instruments, and an easy-to-use platform. 

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This post is also available in: Indonesia Português العربية

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  • In my experience, there is nothing wrong with the fact, whether a broker is not entitled to work in a specific country or not.

    It all exclusively comes down to the particular legislations and regulatory laws of that specific country. So, if a broker cannot offer its services in either, say,
    – United States
    – Japan
    – China
    This does not mean that the broker is shady. Olymp Trade has been a reliable partner for me for a lot of time, and I kind of confirm that they are absolutely worth opening an account.

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