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eToro is a prominent broker from Israel. The company provides access to Forex, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, gold, CFD options, and binary options. Like other brokers, it offers opportunities in more than one financial market. 

The company prides itself on the quality of its services, bonus system, and trading platform. It is often praised on review sites. A user may create demo accounts and open trades in several markets at the same time. Unlike plus500, eToro broker attracts different categories of investors from around the world. 

Using mobile and desktop systems, they can open an account and work wherever they like. The trading platform may be used on Android and iOS devices. You can use a demo account for months and pay via a convenient method like Paypal. Discover more in our Openbook review.

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Overview of Opportunities

eToro OpenBook and its website is used by 1.5 million people worldwide. This platform was developed for the business, and it connects people for whom CFD and Forex trading is a hobby or a profession. The core is social trading. Users who have an account with eToro may exchange experiences and follow each other’s strategies. Here is how this social trading platform works, and what makes it so popular.

The current version of the Openbook social trading platform appeared in late 2015. It took off quickly. The eToro Openbook and eToro mobile solutions gained recognition quickly. eToro OpenBook has won multiple awards as the best social trading network for trading in United Kingdom and other countries. 

It boasts an elegant interface, diverse services, and a vast online trading community. Both live and demo account holders may register. Hence, you do not need a real money deposit to use it. OpenBook traders may: 

  • track each other in real-time, 
  • communicate, 
  • gain followers, and 
  • learn more about the best strategies to boost profits. 

In recent years, custom solutions for Forex brokers have become increasingly popular. Users are bored with the Metatrader 4 trading platform. They want something fresh and interesting. This social trading system is guaranteed to make them inspired. Learn more about this social trading platform in our eToro OpenBook review.

eToro trader profile

Tools and Features eToro OpenBook

eToro open book

eToro OpenBook is built around social trading tools. The system resembles the basic features of Facebook. They are easy to understand, but make Openbook different from other trading platforms.

How to Find a Trader to Copy

No eToro review is complete without an analysis of copy trading opportunities. Registered users of eToro OpenBook may open a list of available traders with a single click. To get featured, members share their real names and photos. The candidates are listed in a certain order based on categories, such as top trader, trending trader, and the most copied trader. When you click on a name, you are taken to this member’s personal profile. There, you can choose to copy or simply follow their account based on their trading activity details.

You can see how successful an open book investor is. Read about all trades realized by any eToro OpenBook member and discover additional information like the number of followers, risk tolerance, etc. Once the contact is established, their updates and posts will appear on your news. This is a convenient social trading system.

The My Feed Feature

eToro OpenBook newsfeed looks like a standard social media feature. It allows you to keep track of all the people you follow and the markets you are interested in. The data is shared instantaneously, and users may like or comment on posts.

You can also find every user’s trading amount and the positions they open. Here, you may easily monitor the activity of the top 100 traders. Impressive educational value, including free use of a demo account, makes eToro OpenBook a great choice for beginners. They can learn from their more advanced peers.

Impressive Features

What is the conclusion of this eToro OpenBook review? This trading platform does a lot to educate users on the best strategies. It supports a vibrant community focused on professional development. These conditions allow traders to develop their skills and learn from the best. Platforms for other Forex brokers offer less transparency. Competing systems include social trading as an extra feature. On eToro OpenBook, it is the core.

become an eToro OpenBook member

eToro OpenBook Review Verdict

Millions of people visit the eToro site daily. The trading platform allows them to trade currency, stock, or other assets. You will enjoy interacting with this investment community where users share experiences and help each other to trade successfully. This largest social trading system has a lot to offer, and it allows an easy start. You can learn a lot from articles and other data from brokers, but nothing replaces communication with peers. Before long, you will build a good network and earn high profits.

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This post is also available in: Indonesia Português

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