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YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site worldwide. It seems to have everything from music videos to documentary movies. Forex trading has its own share of digital space: there are countless channels on the subject. For anyone learning to trade currencies, these clips and tutorials are priceless! 

However, not every source is trustworthy. Today, when anyone can become a blogger, the quality of content matters. Do not trust impostors – subscribe to famous hosts with proven experience and thousands of subscribers. Those searching for trading experts or Forex broker YouTube should check out these 10 channels. 

Top 10 Forex YouTube Channels 

Study our list of high achievers. Best channels are ranked by their current number of subscribers. Some of these pros focus entirely on currencies, others also trade stocks and other instruments. Choose your favorite expert or follow them all for a wealth of trading insights! These channels provide excellent content. 

10. Top Traders (88.9K subscribers)

top 10 forex youtube channels - Top traders

Host Kleveland Bishop may be more flashy than other experts on the list, but he is also a seasoned professional. The Forex YouTube channel has existed since 2011 and it has garnered 3+ million views since its inception. The Monday Forecast series and Live Forex Trading series are worth following. The host claims to make predictions with 82% accuracy. 

Newbies will appreciate videos dedicated to the real trading experience of the host and his guest speakers. These have undeniable educational value, as experts zoom in on their motivations for each trade, and the technical and fundamental analysis that preceded it. 

As a result, viewers are shown the financial outcome of every trade, even if it failed. This teaches rookies to admit their own errors and treat losses as learning opportunities. Top Traders is a decent YouTube no-nonsense Forex channel 

9. Karen Foo (92K subscribers)

top 10 forex youtube channels - Karen Foo

Karen Foo is a Singapore-based trader proficient in Forex. She is also a talented motivational speaker, which means her videos are both professional and inspiring. Since 2013, they have gained over 5.5 million views. Karen has even dedicated a few of her works to trading psychology and common triggers of bad decisions. This is something only a few channels cover. 

Hence, while fellow bloggers often focus on the technical side, Karen’s work is versatile. Knowledge of psychology is useful for any trader. As humans are irrational creatures, our behavior in the market is often based on subjective motivations, rather than logic. The better you understand your own mindset – the easier it is to trade successfully.

8. TraderNick (127K subscribers)

top 10 forex youtube channels - TraderNick

This channel was launched in 2018, but it already boasts over 5 million views! Nick is a professional trader and entrepreneur whose Forex success is backed by knowledge of computer science and tool-building.

The expert can teach you a lot about the implementation of different strategies, including price action trading. There are videos dedicated to specific currency pairs and the best ways to trade them. These are a rare find! Nick’s channel is a great source for Forex chart patterns YouTube can offer.

Check out the host’s podcast series. These have interviews with pros, in which they talk about their methods and career paths. These conversations offer a wealth of insights for those who seek trade in Forex for beginners YouTube can provide. 

7. Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly (153K subscribers)

top 10 forex youtube channels - Sasha Evdakov Tradersfly

Since 2012, this YouTube Forex channel has garnered 12+million views. Sasha Evdakov is a pro who authored several books, so he is definitely worth your attention! He shares insights for day traders and swing traders, as his experience covers both fields. Rookies are guaranteed to love his style – even complex terms are explained in simple language. 

Most of Evdakov’s books are focused on stocks, but they are still valuable for Forex traders. Our top picks are Start Trading Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading & Investing on the Stock Market and 100 Stock Trading Tips: The Mindsets You Must Know to Be a Profitable Trader! 

6. ForexSignals TV (224K subscribers)

top 10 forex youtube channels - ForexSignals TV

When channel host Andrew Lockwood started his career, he was a pit trader focused on futures and options. The Londoner is famous for his ability to make complex terms understandable and come up with vivid examples. For instance, when showing how to conduct a trade, he will start with the basics, proceed to implementation, and conclude with real examples. 

As Andrew has been working in the industry for 3 decades, he is worth being listened to.  Perhaps, he is even the most experienced YouTube trader today. Beginners love his masterful explanations. Since 2014, his channel has received almost 8 million views. You can also visit their website

5. UKspreadbetting (235K subscribers)

top 10 forex youtube channels - UKspreadbetting

Hosted by Mark, this channel has a wealth of information on the subject of currency trades. As its name suggests, spread betting is the key direction. This practice is most common for UK brokers.

Most of the videos explain the basics of Forex trading in various styles. Thus, if you would like to learn the differences between popular approaches, this is a good place to start. Mark is a fast talker – it may be difficult to keep up at first! As the channel has been viewed 34+ million times since 2011, it is surely a source to consider.

4. Rayner Teo (531 subscribers) 

top 10 forex youtube channels - Rayner Teo

Rayner’s primary goal is to help you avoid typical trading mistakes. Poor judgment is a common cause of wiped accounts. To this industry expert, it is more important to retain what you have, rather than pursue risky profits. 

Usually, this Singapore-based guru uploads four fresh videos monthly. These are often dedicated to indicators and technical analysis. Hence, if you prefer to focus on cold price data rather than news events, this channel is for you. Follow Rayner’s recommendations and you won’t lose what you have. 

The creator is also humble. Do not expect to see luxury cars or gorgeous women, as Rayner prides himself on being professional, rather than flashy. Since its launch, the channel has attracted 24+ million views. 

3. Adam Khoo (528K subscribers)

This expert centers his analysis on the stock market but touches upon Forex from time to time. Check out his selection of trading videos – these are very well-made. Based in Singapore, Adam is a pro in trading stocks and currencies. The channel, which has been developing since 2014, may be used as a reliable source of information. So far, it has garnered 22+ million views. 

Currency traders who are also knowledgeable about stocks have an advantage. It is common knowledge that diver portfolios bring higher returns and lower risk. Hence, insights from the channel may help you branch out into stock trading when the time comes.

The creator has written two books on the subject of trading. These are Winning the Game of Stocks and Profit from the Panic. Both are valuable reads. 

2. Trading 212 (539K subscribers)

top 10 forex youtube channels - Trading 212

This channel is perfect for novices who want to see how popular strategies work in practice. Its creators explain how the currency market functions and what factors may sway its pricing. They supply excellent educational content. Trading 212 emerged in 2013 and has gained 48+ million views since then. It teaches you all the key terms and gives invaluable insights. 

For example, viewers learn why payrolls matter. The experts will explain how central banks can move currency rates. While this knowledge is beyond the scope of the basics, it is still useful to understand how global systems work. The Forex market is tied to a multitude of interconnected factors. Follow the channel for key Forex trading strategies YouTube can provide.

1. Warrior Trading (601subscribers)

top 10 forex youtube channels - Warrior Trading

Since its emergence in 2013, YouTube Warrior Trading has gained 60+ million views, which is truly spectacular. It is hosted by a famous trading pro – Ross Cameron. The channel regularly engages other industry experts.

Most often, you see reviews of specific days as the main focus is day trading. These are the details of how much profit or loss was made and the market situation overall. 

The channel is oriented towards stocks more than currencies, and it posts miscellaneous content at a time. For example, Warrior Trading may compare cars. Still, it is a good source of Forex insights. 

How to Use Forex Channels

While YouTube channels are valuable, they are just one element of trading education. Viewers should not expect to turn into prose by watching videos. Success in the currency market requires hours of in-depth analysis and practice. Do not think about copying the trades described. Unless you understand their context and nature, you are bound to fail. 

Newbies should study articles and books on the subject and hone their skills in the demo mode. This does not mean YouTube Forex training is useless – it is a wonderful source that must be combined with other educational methods. 

Nobody becomes a successful trader overnight. The currency market is affected by a multitude of factors, both political and economic. Beginners need to grasp the basics of fundamental and technical analysis and dedicate sufficient time to practical training. Use YouTube videos in your everyday education and you will master the art of Forex profit much quicker. 

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This post is also available in: Indonesia Português العربية

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  • All the channels you have written about are established channels. Don’t forget that some of the smaller upcoming channels have great content than the established channels.

    Examples of promising smaller channels is OpWell Forex TV. I love how they structure their videos in a way that is easier for beginners to understand.

    You can have a look at the channel here:

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